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My name is Wayne La Marche A.K.A- DJ Techn'ek, I was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1979. My grandfather was a musican and at the age of 4 years old he bought me my first acoustic guitar. Later when I was 10 I started to get into being a Disk Jocky and playing  at parties by using 2 tape decks, mixer, and house speakers. I also started my own company at the age of 13, my parents bought me my first pair of Turntables and started to get into collecting records to started spinning Top-40 dance music for private parties. As I contiued on with high school, I started to play bass/electric guitar at 16, when I started my own band and intered some talent shows playing for cover bands songs in the hard rock/metal era. I included my passion still as performing live mixes infront of large crowds so people can dance at night clubs at the age of 18. I then started to inter Guitar Centers, Battle of the DJ's 4 times but never had a title. As I played for night clubs in my 20's, I uncouraged myself to understand that playing music for people was not a creative idea because I felt I did'nt get creadit for the songs only to blend mix them each night. When I hit my 30's, I moved to Phoenix, AZ to start a new life as a musican/dj and became a member of an x-local band who opened up for big National acts at the Metal venues. My band was called ''Kill Kapcity'' and I used a Korg sampler to cature sounds, as the band split up in 2010, I moved back to Tucson when I found my true love and married Patty La Marche in 2011. I tought her how to play drums and we have been writting Progressive Metal/Rock and called our selves ''Shadow of a Dragonfly''. As I started to understand the value of music, I'm now  writting my own music as a Professional DJ/Musican/MusicProducer/Mix/Master/Engineer.

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